Sopot 1911 is more than just a restaurant. This is a place that combines passion and experience with love for cooking and everyday development. This is a place where anyone who values quality will feel fully welcomed. Not only because of the food, but also the intimate atmosphere and helpful staff, for whom work is not only a way of life but a passion. 

Visit 1911 Restaurant and join us in the world of your culinary memories. Because the beauty of a restaurant lies not only in the dishes, but in the emotions it evokes.


Bartosz Kamiński – our head chef and manager. From an early age, he honed his talent in the world's best restaurants (including the three-star Maaemo in Oslo), and he has been associated with us since the beginning of the restaurant's existence.

Bartek is most inspired by Polish cuisine. He likes to experiment with it, giving it an original, modern form.


This is Krystian Pełka, our Sous Chef. He joined our restaurant 6 years ago, and before that he honed his craft first as a self-taught chef, taking his first steps in his own kitchen and then in several restaurants in the Tricity.

Privately a keen cyclist and rap enthusiast.


Meet Mariusz - our passionate waiter who managed to win the hearts of our guests in a short time! He approaches every aspect of his work with enthusiasm and professionalism.

What distinguishes Mariusz is his commitment to service, which he tries to personalize to provide everyone with unforgettable emotions and unique experiences when visiting our restaurant.


Kacper Sobieski - his favourite wine regions are definitely Valpolicella and Champagne. Kacper is definitely the soul of the company in our establishment. 

He has been working in gastronomy for more than 10 years. Besides wine and gastronomy, he also loves drawing and illustration. 


Basia Baranczak - our undisputed queen of breakfasts and desserts. It is thanks to her that you start your day with avocado toast and finish your dinner with plums in zabaglione. Basia previously worked in catering, but it was at 1911 that she began her real adventure in cooking, recently focusing heavily on sourdough bread making.

Thumbs up for Basia, stop by to taste her sweet culinary masterpieces!


Jakub Westphal – Our wonderful chef. Kuba is a graduate of a culinary school and a chef with 2 years of professional experience, although considering the number of dishes he prepares in his free time, he can easily add a few years of experience.